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​​​​​​​​​Sign up during Annual Enrollment

Follow these easy steps to sign up for  2018 benefits during Annual Enrollment!

  1. Log into PeoplePlace
  2. Click "Benefit Details"
  3. Click "Benefits Enrollment"
  4. Click "Select" to choose your 2018 benefits and add or update dependents and beneficiaries 
  5. Click "Save" and "Continue" to accept your final choices to click "I have no changes" if you prefer to make no election changes
  6. Click "Submit" to finalize your choices

Keep in mind you can change your elections until midnight on Nov. 10. If you would like to keep your current benefit options in place for 2018, no action is required. However, we recommend that you review your elections annually to ensure they continue to meet your needs.​


Questions? Ask ALEX!

He can help you choose the right plan for you and your family!​