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​We offer several programs to help you and your family live a healthy life.


Stay healthy and Thrive

Thrive, our award-winning wellness program, has five focus areas: weight management, stress management, fitness, tobacco cessation and nutrition, designed to be fun, motivational and keep you healthy! 

*Exception: If you are newly eligible for benefits as of Sept. 1, 2017, you will automatically receive the $30 wellness credit in 2017 and 2018 if you enroll in a Baylor Scott & White medical plan.

To earn Thrive reward prizes and future year medical premium credit, you must submit your Annual Preventive Visit form with your provider and complete your Online Wellness Assessment by September 2018! Visit for more information.


Invest in your future

Visit the Empower website to review your current savings. The site makes it easy to see how much you have in income retirement and make changes to improve your retirement security. 


Advanced recovery support

All employees and family members have free, unlimited access to Enterhealth ​advanced recovery support. This program offers real-world tools that enhance drug and alcohol treatment plans.


Weight loss program

​Naturally Slim® — Join the online program that helps you change how you eat instead of what you eat. Learn the skills to lose weight and keep it off forever while still eating your favorite foods. Plus, you will improve your health and reduce your chance of developing a serious, chronic disease. Visit nat​urally​​wh to learn more.


Tobacco Cessation

At Baylor Scott & White, we believe quitting tobacco is an important step to improve your health. People who quit using tobacco are more likely to enjoy better health, live longer and spend less on healthcare. That's why we offer the Yes Quit program to all employees and their covered spouses and dependents at no cost. Click here for more information!​​

Digital Benefits Guide

​Learn more about these programs in our Digital Benefits Guide