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​​We offer two optional dental plans: MetLife PPO and MetLife PPO Plus. Both MetLife plans let you go to any dentist you choose—but you'll pay less when you visit one who's a member of MetLife's Preferred Dental Program. Both plans have the same deductibles—$50 for you only and $150 for you and your family. Both plans cover 100% of preventive care costs—with no deductible.​ Also, no dental card is needed! Just use your social security number at your dentist's office!

MetLife PPO

      • What’s covered: 50% of the cost of basic and major care after you’ve met your deductible
      • Maximum benefit: $1,250 
      • Other: Orthodontia isn’t covered

MetLife PPO Plus

      •  What’s covered: 80% of the cost of basic care and 50% of the cost of major care after you’ve met your deductible
      • Maximum benefit: $2,500 
      • Other: Orthodontia is covered at 50% with a separate lifetime maximum benefit of $2,000. Implants are also covered at 50% and are subject to your annual maximum of $2,500

Dental Plan Coverage and Costs

Dental Plan MetLife Dental PPO MetLife Dental PPO Plus
Employee only$50$50
Employee + family$150$150
Your cost for care and services
Preventive care
(Checkups, cleanings, X-rays)
Basic care
(Fillings, extractions, root canals)
50% AD20% AD
Major care
(Dentures, crowns, bridges)
50% AD50% AD
​Dental implants​Not covered​​50% AD
(Braces, retainers)
Not covered50% AD
Lifetime max $2,000
Annual maximum benefit
(After the plan has paid this much, you pay any additional costs)

Note: AD means after you've met your deductible


Dental plan employee premiums

Dental Plan Coverage Tier Employee Bi-weekly Cost
MetLife Standard PPOEmployee Only$8.50
Employee + Spouse$17.03
Employee + Child(ren)$22.79
MetLife Plus PPOEmployee Only$16.89
Employee + Spouse$32.94
Employee + Children$42.39


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Wondering what plan is right for you? Ask Alex! ​​