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About the Medical Plans​​​​

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Select Exclusive Quality Alliance (SEQA)/Exclusive Quality Alliance (EQA) Plan

    • ​The SEQA plan is for employees making $25.00 or​ less per hour
    • The EQA plan is for employees making $25.01 or more per hour
    • The SEQA​​/EQA plan exclusively includes providers in the Tier 1 BSWQA Network, except in cases of urgent care or emergency
    • You pay copays for non-preventive visits, urgent care, emergency room and prescriptions
    • You can use HRA rollover dollars 

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan 

    • This plan has a higher per-paycheck cost, multiple network options (Tiers 1, 2 and 3) and a lower deductible than the HSA plan 
    • ​You pay copays for some services, such as office visits, urgent care, emergency room and prescriptions
    • You can use HRA rollover dollars for expenses incurred in Tier 1, or for urgent/emergency care​
HSA.jpgHealth Savings Account (HSA) Plan
      • ​Optum Bank is our HSA vendor - and there's no monthly fees! 
      • ​Copays are not available
      • You are not able to use HRA rollover dollars 
    Wondering which plan is right for you? Ask Alex!

    ​Alex is our easy-to-use virtual benefits counselor who can help you understand and select your benefits. Alex will ask you a few questions​, explain your options and recommend a plan based on your needs. Use his advice as a guide and be sure to use your other resources before making a final decision. Get started now!



    Want to learn more? Browse our Digital Guide 

    Wondering what plan is right for you? Ask Alex! 

    Rollover HRA dollars?
    Unused HRA dollars can be used to cover medical expenses (except for pharmacy) incurred from a Tier 1 BSWQA Network provider if you ​​enroll in the SEQA/EQA or PPO plan and receive care from a Tier 1 BSWQA Network provider (except in cases of urgent/emergency care or rare situations when an in-network provider is not available and authorization is provided).

    The funds are available for you to use until they run out, you terminate employment with Baylor Scott & White or switch to the HSA medical plan. Your annual rollover maximum is equal to two times your annual 2018 Tier 1 BSWQA deductible. 

    Click on the SEQA/EQA or PPO plan names to see eligible HRA rollover maximums.