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Paid Time Off​​​​​​


Our paid time off (PTO) benefits give you flexible options that respond to your life and needs. If you’re a regular full-time or part-time employee, you earn PTO to use for holidays, vacations, sick days and other personal reasons. You earn PTO based on the number of regular hours you work—and you earn more the longer you work for us. You begin accruing PTO hours on your first day of work and can use them immediately—with no waiting period. You can check your PTO balance in PeoplePlace Time and Attendance. You won't accrue PTO while you're on a leave of absence, overtime or other types of pay not considered eligible for PTO. However,  you do continue to accrue PTO while on PTO, jury duty and bereavement leave. 

      • PTO carryover: PTO-eligible employees may carry over up to 200 hours of paid time off to the next calendar year. Employees who have a PTO balance of more than 200 hours after the first pay period of the new calendar year ("pay period 1") will have their balances reduced to 200 hours at the beginning of pay period 2. 

The chart below shows how PTO accrual works for most employees. Two-day-alternative employees, non-TDA employees in the North Texas Division hired before June 15, 1992, earn PTO at different rates. All employees at the director level and above participate in the Senior Management Time-Off program. To learn more about the regular PTO policy and the Senior Management Time-Off program, visit the Policy ​and Procedure Library​​.


Years of service Annual paid time off accrual
  8 authorized hours per shift 10 authorized hours per shift 12 authorized hours per shift
Less than 1176 hours (22 days)182 hours (18.2 days)172.8 hours (14.4 days)
1184 hours (23 days)190 hours (19 days)180 hours (15 days)
2192 hours (24 days)198 hours (19.8 days)187.2 hours (15.6 days)
3200 hours (25 days)206 hours (20.6 days)194.4 hours (16.2 days)
4208 hours (26 days)214 hours (21.4 days)201.6 hours (16.8 days)
5 to 9216 hours (27 days)222 hours (22.2 days)208.8 hours (17.4 days)
10 to 14232 hours (29 days)238 hours (23.8 days)223.2 hours (18.6 days)
15 or more272 hours (34 days)278 hours (27.8 days)259.2 hours (21.6 days)