​Di​sability insurance is important in case you’re sick or injured and can’t work—or when you have a new child. We offer three levels of disability coverage:

      • Short-term disability, which you buy yourself
      • Basic long-term disability, which Baylor Scott & White buys for you
      • Supplemental long-term disability, which you buy for yourself if you want additional protection

Short-term disability insurance

Short-term disability coverage pays a portion of your salary for a fixed period up to 180 days if you’re sick or injured or the new parent of a child. (It doesn’t cover disabilities caused by occupational illness or injury — please contact Safe Choice at 877-415-0005 for occupational illnesses and on-the-job injuries.)

We auto-enroll all benefits-eligible employees in short-term disability coverage (STD). If you do not wish to purchase this coverage, you'll need to take action during your enrollment window to opt out. The cost of STD coverage will be calculated and available in PeoplePlace.

New enrollees added to the plan during 2019 Annual Enrollment are subject to a pre-existing condition provision. This provision states that if you’ve been diagnosed, treated or received medical advice for a condition within three months of your effective date on the plan (Oct. 1 – Dec. 31), that condition will be excluded for a period of 12 months. For example, if you are pregnant at the time you enroll, your delivery and recovery will be excluded from the STD benefit for that coverage year. If you enrolled in the plan prior to 2019 Annual Enrollment, you will not need to satisfy the pre-existing condition provision.  New hires or those who become newly benefits eligible throughout the year are exempt from the pre-existing provision (assuming an election isn't made to opt out).

​​Family planning?  

Short-term disability is the only way to receive maternity, parental and adoption benefits.​ You will be automatically enrolled in our short​-term disability coverage— you must opt out if you don’t want it.​  Rate calculations for short-term disability are available in PeoplePlace.

Basic long-term disability insurance

Basic long-term disability insurance from Cigna provides 50% of your base pay up to $15,000* a month. Once approved, benefits begin on the 181st day of disability and may continue for as long as you meet the definition of disability or until you reach your normal Social Security retirement age. (Some pre-existing condition limitations may apply.)​

You can increase your disability benefit to 60% of your base salary, up to $15,000* a month, by purchasing voluntary long-term disability insurance (pre-existing provisions may apply). Like basic coverage, benefits begin on the 181st day of disability. Rate calculations for short- and long-term disability are available in PeoplePlace.​

*Other coverage levels for life, AD&D and disability are available for certain executive and physician roles and are visible in the PeoplePlace enrollment system.​