Our vision plan is available through EyeMed. If you or a covered dependent will need routine eye care, our vision plan can help make your glasses and contacts much more affordable. Plus, our vision plan coordinates seamlessly with our FSAs, so most expenses are automatically substantiated—​meaning you don't have to submit as many receipts! 

​ ​​​

​Here's how it works:

    •  The plan covers preventive exams, lenses, frames and contacts
    •  When you visit an optician in the EyeMed network, your eye exam copay is only $10
    • If you need glasses, frames are covered up to $170. Anything above $170 would be out of pocket, but discounted. Most lenses are covered after a $10 copay
    •   If you wear contacts, you will pay a contact lens fitting exam copay of $25, which then covers contacts up to $170. Anything above $170 would be out of pocket
    • Preventive eye exams are not included as part of our health plan coverage, so you may want to consider our stand-alone vision plan through EyeMed

Vision plan coverage and costs

​ Care or service
What you pay in networkOut of network reimbursement*
(once per calendar year)
$10 copayUp to $45
Lenses - single vision or lined multifocal lenses
(once per calendar year)
$10 copay
  • Single: up to $45
  • Bifocal: up to $65
  • Trifocal: up to $85​
​Progressive lenses​Standard: $65 copay
Premium: $95-$185 copay based on tier
Up to $65
​Lens options​Polycarbonate: covered in full for children under 19
All lens options available to members at fixed pricing
​Varies based on option
(once per calendar year)
$0 copay
$170 allowance
20% off balance over $170
Up to $65
​Contact lens fit and follow up​Standard: $25 copay, paid in full (fit) and two follow up visits

Premium: $25 copay, 10% off retail price + $55 allowance
Up to $40​
(once per calendar year)

Consult with your provider if you believe contact lenses are medically necessary

  • If contacts are necessary to correct your vision, $0 copay - covered in full
  • If contacts are cosmetic, $0 copay, $170 allowance
  • If contacts are necessary to correct your vision, up to $210
  • If contacts are cosmetic, up to $136
Diabetic care services (up to two services per calendar year)$0 copay, includes additional testing such as retinal imaging, extended ophthalmoscopy, gonioscopy and scanning laser​Not covered
Laser vision correction 15% off the retail price or 5% off the promotional price Not covered​​


*If you go out of network, you will need to pay for all services and materials in full and then submit your receipt for reimbursement

​​​​​Vision plan employee premiums per pay period
Coverage TierWhat you pay
Employee Only$3.08
Employee + Spouse$6.12
Employee + Children$6.00